The Double Decker Shot

The Double Decker is hands down the best way to down your shots. 
Step 1: Pour mixer
Step 2: Tilt & pour liquor
Step 3: Drink
Now you've got the SMOOTHEST shot you'll ever take. 

Introducing the Double Decker, the shot glass that makes taking shots easier than ever. It allows you to layer the liquor of your choice right on top of any mixer, so that you can chase your shot all at once, without even tasting the liquor. 

The Double Decker shot glass allows your girlfriend to finally try another drink that isn't a god damn Twisted Tea (unless she wants to chase with that too), and you can finally make your bitch friend Chad who "just can't take shots" drink away without any excuses for once in his life. 

And if you're already a shot enthusiast... well we're sorry in advance cause this makes it too easy NOT to finish your entire fifth at the pregame. 

So go make your Tequila Sunrise shots, Jägerbombs, Rum & Cokes - hell you can get creative with your own shots, and have fun pounding away effortlessly. 

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