The last drinking tool you'll ever need.

How clutch are they?

My grandma saw my keychain and asked what it was. I told her, and she thinks it's 'very useful' so thanks for making me realize Nana is a damn savage. 

Alex K, University of South Carolina

Works so well. With the Beer Claw I'm now the go-to guy everyone turns to when it's time to shotgun. 

Dan F, Mizzou

My guy friends think I'm cool because I got a Beer Claw. I still think they're not. 

Courtney D, Penn State

It's really sturdy. I lost a bet and had to shotgun a bottle of ranch and it worked. Thanks I guess?

Marco S, UMass Amherst

These things are rad and actually crazy useful. I'm shotgunning like three times as much now. 

Albert W, Miami University

Accidentally used the Claw on a bottle but it looked so hardcore I think I'm gonna keep doing it. 

Chris N, UCLA

As soon as it arrived I began shotgunning everything in sight. Beer, seltzer, a jar of mayo, anything is possible with the beer claw.

Anthony T, Georgia Tech

These bad boys are more clutch than Tom Brady himself. Long live the GOAT of shotgunning tools.

Evan S, University of Maine

Got the Beer Claw in the mail last week. Local frat star status achieved. Thanks mama. 

Brandon L, Michigan State